Fancy A High-Quality BPA-Free Thermos?

How do you like your coffee, tea, or water? There when you need it and at your preferred temperature, we imagine?

By you reading this, it means that you do not have a thermos to keep your beverage as you like it. We presume that you have made many bad purchases before – thermos failing to work after a single use or not working at all.

You are at the right site though. Our thermos water bottle, available in 300, 350 or 500mls is exactly what you need. Our flasks are stainless steel vacuum glass bottles available in five different colors.

The vacuum keeps your drinks hot or cold for up to 12 hours making these the best coffee thermos. Well, it works as an excellent hot water thermos too. You get thermos coffee mugs too.

Unique designs
The thermos has double-walled stainless steel construction and a glossy lacquered finish. The thermos is safe, non-toxic, BPA Free and it doesn’t leach. Electro-polishing doesn’t affect the taste of your drink.

The Stanley coffee thermos and the water thermos all have a wide mouth making it possible for you to drop ice cubes in it. This also allows for drip-free drinking. The bottles do not condensate.

Big Sale
Things are tough, and we want you to save a few extra bucks. To do that, you may want to take advantage of our ongoing sale on the small and the large coffee thermos. Don’t forget to get a thermos coffee cup.

Bullet Thermos
We also have 12oz high-quality bullet-shaped vacuum flasks. They make excellent travel tumblers. They are safe thanks to the use of food-grade plastics which are BPA Free and eco-friendly. They are also antibacterial-processed. The bullet flasks will keep your drink hot or cold for between 12 and 24 hours.

Sports Thermos
You will also like the 300-500ml sports stainless steel vacuum flask made of durable 304-stainless steel. It has a unique antibacterial function and is available in four colors. The lid has a carrying strap and it holds the lid in place throughout. Water and workout are synonymous. Don’t skip the water.

We guarantee the best quality of thermos flasks to keep your coffee, tea or water just the way you like it for as long as you’d like.

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