Glass Water Bottles


Why Should You Hydrate with our Glass Water Bottles?
You’ve probably read and heard it all –you should hydrate. Unfortunately, we cannot tire from emphasizing on the importance of hydrating.

Hydration with water cleanses the body, prevents a dry mouth, cools the body, promotes cardiovascular function, keeps muscles and joints healthy and keeps the skin healthy and supple. While everyone says this too, hardly anyone mentions the fact that you have to hydrate using a safe water bottle.

We have the best glass water bottle on the market. This isn’t us bragging but laying out facts. Our water bottles are safe thanks to use of BPA Free materials. This promotes general eco-friendliness keeping your body and the environment around you.

Different sizes: you can get our small or large water bottle for use in the office, the car, the gym, at home, park or on a hike. With both small and large water bottles, you have the flexibility to choose your preferential size. Enjoy the sale on now for the 32oz glass water bottle.

Comfort of use: we determined that most water bottles on the market don’t incorporate features to enhance ease of use and comfort especially when driving. You can get our glass water bottle with straw. If the glass falls, you won’t have to worry much about breaking because our bottles are double walled glasses.

Elegant designs: you can get our glass water bottle with silicone sleeve or a colored glass water bottle that matches your style and personality. The sport or the travel water bottle has an easily openable lid and you can hold it easily. The travel water bottle is clear but comes with a multicolored cloth holder. You can use it with or without the holder.

Versatility: besides drinking water, you can use our glass infuser water bottle to drink tea or fruit-infused water on the go. There also is the glass water bottle with filter perfect for your tea. The stainless steel filter is safe and corrosion resistant.

This wide array of water bottles aims to meet all your specific needs. You no longer have to take a water bottle you don’t want because it’s the only available option. We have the water bottle of your dreams.

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