Glass, Mugs & Teapots


We are the safer option

As a company that specializes in design water bottles, thermos, and mugs, we have set ourselves apart from other companies by using safe and environmentally friendly products.

Our glass mugs and teapots are BPA Free thanks to the use of glass. Even though glass is delicate, it is a safe option. Think of everything around you – don’t you think that the world has had enough plastic materials and other pollutants? Our intention is to cut down the use of unsafe products as much as we can.

To do this, we are starting with the things you use every day. We are replacing your plastic and mostly unsafe mugs and cups with our wide selection of glass mugs and glass tea cups. The best part is that, when you place an order now, you will enjoy our exclusive discounts thanks to the ongoing sale. Did we mention that we offer free shipping?

Glass tea infusers
As you strive to eat healthily and drink healthier beverages (read tea), we want you to enjoy your tea on the go. You can finally do that with our safe tea infuser travel mug. Alternatively, you can get the tea mug with infuser.

Glass coffee mugs
What about coffee? Well, there can’t be talks without discussions about coffee – most of us only get to work once we get the caffeine kick. To prevent crankiness all day long and to enjoy all the flavors of your coffee, get the clear glass coffee mugs. These mugs are heat resistant. The use of double glass walling on the mugs makes them strong but lightweight.

Our clear glass coffee mugs are perfect for cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, espresso and even tea. The two layers of borosilicate prevent condensation. The best part – the glass is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Glass Teapots and cups
Are you looking for a teapot and cup set? Contact us today to enjoy the big discounts on these items. The tea cups are also heat-resistant, handmade, and double walled.

We focus on your needs and make sure that you have the highest quality, safest and the most affordable products for you.

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