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Best Basal Thermometer 2020

A basal thermometer is a delicate thermometer that measures the exact temperature of your body. It is a very sensitive thermometer that is designed to measure even the slightest change in temperature, helping a woman track slight changes in temperature during ovulation.

Basal temperature thermometers are specifically marketed and sold for women trying to get pregnant. While reading your basal body temperature is a good way to track ovulation, one of the biggest advantages of this method is its low cost.

The basal thermometer is available in two versions: the mercury-based glass thermometer and the digital thermometer. However, the digital basal thermometer is still the best option because it reads the temperature faster than the glass mercury thermometer.

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What Is The Best Cheap Basal Thermometer?

Best Basal Thermometer: Bongmi Smart Thermometer

The best connected basal thermometer, from the Bongmi brand, can be easily integrated into your smartphone after installing the app. This basal thermometer is offered in a stylish carrying case covered with a removable lid.

Its high precision allows it to track small changes in body temperature. It incorporates a stainless steel sensor. This basal thermometer syncs with a mobile app that displays readings and associated information. The app has a feature set that tracks cervical fluid, weight, intimate dates, and ovulation.

The Isnow-Med Digital Basal Thermometer

ISnow-Med multifunctional digital basal thermometer is specially designed to measure basal body temperature. This model is one of the best basal thermometers on the market due to its quality / price ratio.

Accurate to +/- 0.05 C (0.09 ° F), this thermometer provides a soft backlight and a large LCD screen to make it easy to monitor your basal temperature at the same time each morning without interrupting your or your sleep. couple.

Best Cheap Basal Thermometer 2020 ? Offers ? Comparative

Comparison Table Of The Best Basal Thermometers

The Best Basal Thermometer Deals This Week

Best Cheap Basal Thermometer 2020 ? Offers ? Comparative

What Is A Basal Thermometer Used For?

The basal thermometer, which is used to measure your basal body temperature, is practically a fancy term given to the lowest possible body temperature at rest. In this context, the ideal period of rest is during the hours of sleep. An estimate of this parameter is generally obtained by measuring body temperature immediately after sleeping and before any physical activity.

It is knowing that the temperature of your body, during ovulation, experiences a slight increase (on the order of one hundredth of a degree). This increase in basal body temperature persists for 3 days after the few days of your period, so the ovulation estimate is only valid for the 3-day period. This difference in temperature is caused by the hormonal changes that occur as a result of the ovulation process. To be more specific, the dominance of a hormone called progesterone is the main cause of this difference. These temperature differences are mapped over time using the basal thermometer, either manually or using a mobile app.

Basal body thermometers are more accurate than conventional thermometers, as they provide more accurate temperature readings and can handle small differences, which is a crucial factor when it comes to tracking ovulation. If you stop at the difference in temperature caused by ovulation, it will be easy for you to notice that there are minimal temperature values ​​and that a sophisticated thermometer will be needed for effective monitoring. Various basal thermometers can give, for example, an accurate reading of 18.56 ° C instead of 18.6 ° C on another type of thermometer.

The Best Brands - The Best Sellers In The Basal Thermometer Comparison

Around 95% of people in Europe have access to the Internet. And almost everyone uses it to ask before buying and the products before making a purchase decision. That is why at we want you to make the right decision to buy and get the best quality you pay for.

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How To Choose The Best Basal Thermometer?

When buying a basal temperature thermometer, the first question to ask yourself is: do you need a digital thermometer or a glass thermometer?

Glass thermometers are up against digital thermometers when it comes to measurement accuracy. Basal digital thermometers are easier to read and take relatively less time to read your basal temperature. However, glass thermometers, which are more fragile and less accurate than digital ones, are less expensive, making them ideal for buyers on a budget.

Measurement Accuracy

Most digital thermometers display basal temperature readings down to one hundredth of a degree. That makes them very accurate. However, some models offer precision on the order of one tenth of a degree, which means that they only display a period after commas.

These are less accurate and may not register minimal changes in body temperature. We recommend that you purchase a basal thermometer that reads readings down to one hundredth of a degree.

Reading Speed

If you find that your current thermometer is slow to measure your basal temperature, you will obviously need a device that works quickly. In fact, there are digital thermometers that can take readings in less than 10 seconds, while most can take up to a minute. Keep in mind that basal thermometers that take the longest are generally the most accurate.

Comfort And Accessories

If you are not comfortable with your thermometer during use, consider changing it. There are several types and models of thermometers with tips ranging from flexible to hard and made of different materials. Although a compact unit is preferable due to the convenience of use, a very thin basal thermometer can cause handling problems. Choose the correct size to easily use your basal thermometer.

Several models of basal thermometers are also delivered with several important accessories, namely, cases for better storage of the device, long-lasting batteries, ovulation tables or user manuals. These little extras will help you get started with your basal thermometer and use it properly.

How Many People Have Rated The Basal Thermometers?

It must be said that the basal thermometer can be very well or very badly evaluated . You shouldn't just look at the best basal thermometer scores. Just due to many positive ratings, we can say that quantitatively speaking, it is a good quality product. Always look at the number of different ratings. The more qualified the basal thermometer is by the client , the more certain the opinions and information about it will be.

Few ratings do not mean that the button battery is defective. It is simply not long enough on the market, and therefore has rarely been evaluated. This is where you should look and check. Amazon offers many possibilities to analyze correctly. Testing is also possible, but in the next text we will talk about our buying guide.

What Is The Price Of A Good Product?

You always want to be able to buy the best product at the best possible price. Of course, this also applies to the purchase of this product. Everything should always have a low price and not cause additional costs.

Is this what we want. But quality now has its price. Buying cheap, we often buy for double or triple again. Therefore, it is important to give you the different prices for each item. With each product that we show you, you will always find the current price, although this may be different at times and the transport of it to home may not be increased.

Enjoy the money a little more and enjoy the product in the long run. Buying a good quality product will please you more in the long run, which is not always the case with cheap bargains.

Basal Thermometer - We Answer Your Questions!

How Do I Know If I Am In An Ovulation Period?

To do this, you will need to chart accurate measurements of your basal body temperature every day for a few months. You will probably notice that your basal body temperature rises slightly on certain days and during each cycle and then returns to an average temperature. During ovulation, your basal temperature may rise slightly (usually a few hundredths of a degree).

What Is The Average Body Temperature Of Women During Ovulation?

For most women, the basal temperature is between 35.5 to 36.6 degrees before ovulation, while it can rise to 36.1 or 37.2 degrees after ovulation. Obviously, this is an average and the change in basal temperature can change differently depending on the person.

When Should I Start Recording My Basal Body Temperature?

You should start recording your basal body temperature on the first day of your period and continue to do so throughout the cycle. Remember to read the temperature every morning immediately after getting up without even getting out of bed (and yes, before going to the bathroom).

For a more accurate mapping, it is recommended to take the temperature at the same time every day, as well as to accurately and immediately record the temperature read on the screen of your basal thermometer.

Can The Basal Thermometer Help Me Get Pregnant?

While the basal thermometer cannot help you get pregnant directly, it can certainly help you conceive with certainty. Unlike ordinary thermometers, basal thermometers are more sensitive and can provide a more accurate temperature reading. The basal thermometer helps women accurately track their basal body temperature and lets them know when they are ovulating.

So after plotting your basal body temperature readings, with measurements over several menstrual cycles, you can naturally guess when you are most likely to ovulate and when is the best time to have sex if you want to conceive a child Here's how the thermometer basal helps you conceive.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Before buying a basal thermometer you need to clarify many open questions in advance. Comments from other buyers will help you, research in a specific forum on the subject . Are there other things to consider besides the product details listed? Is the color correct, as can be seen in the small image in the online store? How does the product behave after washing?

These are all the questions that, as a consumer, you will surely ask yourself. Naturally, the brand's fashion producers also want high turnover for their products. The bigger the brand, the better the products. But of course there are also many small and unknown brands that offer good quality.

Here you need to pay attention to the additional purchase criteria. Finally, of course, the price is also decisive. If the price is not simply proportional to the quality, it is advisable to buy another product.

With all this we hope you have found the basal thermometer you were looking for.


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